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Analysis is completed in 4 areas to help the client increase performance, website effectiveness and grow web presence.

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Analyisis is a 2X report. Areas of analysis is assessed in 25+ areas to increase site performance and effectiveness.

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EPIC Evaluations on Website Analysis
Professional website analysis that changes everything...

Our evaluations are provided to make you "INFORMED".
EPIC Evaluations will focus on providing a professional independent third party evaluations for website owners, operators and website developers.  Our mission in analysis is to provide an unbiased and informed analysis of ranking factors, website optimization and link development. 

This area of our company has been established in response to a growing demand for increased regulation of the rapid growth of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) companies and individuals making unsubstantiated claims to optimize websites.  Our goal is to detect and expose fraudulent companies making such claims as well as deter other companies from adopting similar unethical practices that hold hostage the unsuspecting and trusting public. 

Our work on analysis is also designed to place special emphasis on those SEO Companies that are rendering ethical and quality services for those entities or persons seeking credible sources to facilitate their SEO needs. It is important that whether you're hiring a business or an individual to render SEO services that they actually provide what they claim. We believe that you should be able to trust the company that you are hiring to develop your website, and we can help to ensure that you can.

Your website evaluation and analysis from EPIC Evaluations will provide you information that will allow you to move your website in the only direction that matters....... "FORWARD".



EPIC Evaluations on Local Marketing Services.
You need local online visibility and we can help !

EPIC Evaluations understands the need for impactful marketing services. Marketing services that will let prospective customers know who you are and most importantly "where" you are. Online marketing companies provide a greater reach that will also impact your local business offline. This area of our company has been established for both the small business and the growing corportation seeking more local visibility through internet marketing.

Our work as a marketing company will deliver results within a short timeframe with guarantees that you will see an increase in your online visiblity for your products and your business.

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EPIC Wisdom.
Perspective and advice that leads to great success.

"You won't know what you don't know until you know what you don't know..."

"It's better to be on the path than not on the path at all."